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Address by Jef Crab at the Opening of the Confucius Institute, Suriname,  16th of Febuary 2017


Honourable Ministers, Mr. Ambassador, Deans & distinguished guests,


it is my privilege to present you Tai Ji school "de Witte Wolken".


For almost 20 years this school dedicates itself to propagate this remarkable aspect of the Chinese culture within the Surinamese society, which is – on certain levels – still quite unfamiliar with the dept of Chinese science and knowledge.


Therefore it is with great satisfaction that we welcome the Confucius Institute.  Good luck and success to her in her endeavours to extend the Chinese science and culture.

But also with expectation, as in time, I hope that also our own Surinamese Tai Ji school will become a contributing actors to the success of the Institute.


As, for our Chinese guests it will be no secret that the art of Tai Ji is much, much more than merely a fighting sport or a movement for old people.  At least 2000 years – and maybe more – of thorough research lay on the basis of this science and world view, embedded in an holistic movement.


Tai Ji is not only a terrific instrument for preventive health care and well-being, but it also encompasses character building, (martial) art, philosophy and science. 

Its wisdom is well funded on generations of well accomplished teachers and bona fide schools and institutes.  


It is a wisdom in line with the teachings of Lau Tze and Koeng Tze, or in Latin Confucius, intended to shape a society were every individual could fulfil his unique potential, thus contributing to the greater good and prosperity of all. 

A society in harmony with the laws of Heaven and Earth. 


Honoured guests, there is so much to say about Tai Ji and too little time.   So please allow me to ask your attention for our own Surinamese Tai Ji school "The White Clouds"

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